May 3, 2017


We Skype with Johnny Pemberton while he is shooting a film in South Africa. We discuss how Season 4 of the Bone Zone is coming to an end and how we might need some guest hosts to give us a break between seasons.
April 25, 2017
Nick Thune

#272 NICK THUNE – EPISODE #17 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #64)

Nick Thune is back on the Bone Zone. We call some places and see if they know who Jason Segal is again. We also try to find out if Birds have hands or feet.
April 19, 2017
Blair Socci

#271 BLAIR SOCCI – EPISODE #16 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #63)

Blair is back on the Bone Zone and get used to it because she is moving to LA from NYC soon! We talk about weed a little, and then call a Claire’s to see if we can get our nips pierced. When they hang up on us because they are “busy” we do our best to prove they really weren’t busy.
April 14, 2017
Mark Proksch

#270 MARK PROKSCH – EPISODE #15 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #62)

Mark the baby is back! Even though he is a baby, he’s also our lawyer so he helps us figure out whether two identical twin brothers can legally get married.
April 5, 2017

#269 ELI BRADEN – EPISODE #14 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #61)

Eli Braden is on the podcast! We talk to him about the songs he makes for the Howard Stern show and he plays us a song he made for us!