March 28, 2017
David Lynch

#268 DAVID LYNCH – EPISODE #13 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #60)

Director David Lynch joins us to talk about the new upcoming season of Twin Peaks. We get him to agree to buy us new cars so we call some dealerships to see if they have a boxy car with manual transmission.
March 22, 2017
bonezone boyz

#267 EPISODE #12 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #59)

While flying to Vegas we get cracked up by the flight attendants. Then we call the airline to find out if we can smoke on the plane, and while on hold we talk about a restaurant Brendon likes. Then we try to see if we can take our box of frogs to a private party.
March 15, 2017

#266 SPOD – EPISODE #11 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #58)

Australian music sensation SPOD is back on the Bone Zone! The largest woman in the world and her husband, the smallest man in the world try to plan their wedding. And we call a Whole Foods because SPOD’s pube mousse got confiscated by the TSA
March 7, 2017
Shane Mauss

#265 SHANE MAUSS – EPISODE #10 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #57)

Shane Mauss is back on the Bone Zone. He extended his nation wide comedy tour about psychedelics, so make sure to see him when he passes through your city! In this episode we call a record store and let the guy who answers the phone decide who is the best singer out of us three.
March 1, 2017
Ryan Devlin

#264 RYAN DEVLIN – EPISODE #9 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #56)

Host of the MTV reality dating game show Are You the One Ryan Devlin is back on the show to discuss how season 5 is going. Brendon and Randy weigh in on how hot all the guys and girls are this season. Then Ryan invites us to check out the “Truth Booth” once they start taping the next season!