August 31, 2016
Becky Lucas2

#240 BECKY LUCAS PART #2 – EPISODE #34 OF 2016 (SEASON #4 EP #32)

Becky is back for Part 2 of her run on the Worlds Greatest Podcast (The Bone Zone). Becky and Randy hash out some bad blood they have, We step into the rant corner, and we call Matt Farley and speak to his wife. (P.S. after this episode was recorded, Matt Farley performed on the Tonight Show!)
August 23, 2016
Becky Lucas

#339 BECKY LUCAS – EPISODE #33 OF 2016 (SEASON #4 EP #31)

Becky Lucas joins while on holiday from Australia. We have a cocktail and call some bra stores because Becky happens to have some really long boobs.