November 10, 2015
Mark Proksch

#199 MARK PROKSCH – EPISODE #44 OF 2015 (SEASON #3 EP #61)

Mark Proksch is back. AMAZING EPISODE ALERT! The prank patrol is in full effect when we call a Children’s Hospital. Then we call a bunch of places asking for Tony Rice and offer them free concert tickets as well as phone sex.
April 1, 2015
Mark Proksch

#168 MARK PROKSCH – EPISODE #13 OF 2015 (SEASON #3 EP #30)

Well known Canadian Baby Mark Proksch is back for another Bone Zone. Brendon sneezes into Mark’s drink, which is pretty funny and just a small taste of what to expect comedy-wise. We also figure out how to play the NBC chimes on glockenspiel.
December 23, 2014
Mark Proksch

#154 MARK PROKSCH PART 3 – EPISODE #52 OF 2014 (SEASON #3 EP #17)

3rd and final part of the now famous Mark Proksch trilogy. It gets so hot and sexy in this final installation. We apologize for making all the Husband’s wives get too horny while listening to our podcast. We call Johnny Pemberton and he free style raps over the phone.
December 16, 2014
Mark Proksch

#153 MARK PROKSCH PART 2 – EPISODE #51 0F 2014 (SEASON #16)

Part 2 of the legendary 3 hour Mark Proksch recording. We discuss how we don’t see color and that everyone being part of the rainbow. Do impressions of a cajun lady, talk about Bill Cosby, and sing a song about how we support all cops.
December 9, 2014
Mark Proksch

#152 MARK PROKSCH – EPISODE #50 OF 2014 (SEASON #3 EP #15)

Canadian Infant Baby Mark Proksch joins us again! We play some songs about Mark being a baby. And we break a record when we keep a bra store employee on the phone for a really long time! Tune in next week for even more MARK PROKSCH!