March 22, 2016

#217 RORY SCOVEL – EPISODE #12 OF 2017 (SEASON #4 EP #10)

Rory is back to finish the game show he started last time. We aren’t talking about sex at all this episode, so Brendon calls in sick to Red Lobster and while we have them on the line we see if we can get a feast set up for a cancer survivor.
January 5, 2016

#206 RORY SCOVEL – EPISODE 1 OF 2016 (SEASON #3 EP #68)

Rory Scovel is back and we have a blast! We talk about our loudest cums, Rene Faberge stops by with some juicy gossip, and then we try to answer some hard hitting Bacon Trivia!
November 29, 2012


Davey couldn’t be here for this one but joining us is Rory Scovel. Rory, Brendon, and Randy talk about their churches, and then talk to Brendon’s new girlfriend on the phone. Remember points are rewarded for correct answers, so get out some wine coolers and enjoy!